In order to produce an accurate and detailed likeness of your animal, a good quality reference image is essential.

The animal will ideally be the main subject of the photograph, which will be in focus and of good resolution. 

I can only properly capture what I can see, so ideally all parts of the animal you want to be drawn should be present - no cropped out ears or tails for example! 

I can however remove bridles and head collars if required.

The eyes are such an important feature it always helps for these to be clear in the reference photograph.

Whilst strong shadows are generally best avoided, a distinct light source offering good contrasts and highlights can add that extra special 'something' to the drawing.

The main thing to remember is, the better the photograph, the better the end result will be.

With all that being said, I can work with poorer quality photographs if there is no alternative, for instance if the portrait is to be a surprise gift or memorial piece.  I would need to assess them first to ascertain if there is sufficient detail to achieve a satisfactory result.  

Digital photographs are preferred but I'm happy to work with physical prints too.

If required and depending on your location I am able to attend to photograph your animal to obtain the perfect reference image.  I will take a variety of pictures and from there we can discuss which you would like used for your portrait.  

My time is charged at £20 per hour, including that spent travelling and you will receive digital copies of all images taken in the session. 

I am also available to take photographs of your equine adventures - be it a competition, pleasure ride, day at the beach or just relaxing around your yard or field.  


Please get in touch to discuss your photography requirements.

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